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Waistbeads are an essential part of African history. Years ago, many countries in Africa did not have access to disposable menstrual products. In Ghana waist beads were introduced as a supportive accessory for women’s undergarments when they were menstruating. Thus, when a female was seen wearing a waist bead, it is automatically assumed that the female has reached womanhood. This custom went on until sanitary napkins were introduced.
Even then, the females continued to wear waist beads for the belief that it made their waists very small. Now, waist beads are worn for many other reasons, most notably to enhance figures. However, both male and female now enjoy wearing waist beads simply for fashion as it is also worn as bracelets and anklets. Shine bright by Abby, promotes waist beads in its authenticity, as all of our waist beads are hand made with care. Our beads are the finest and rarest from Ghana, and we make all of our beads with nylon threads and glass beads only because we want to keep our history pure and true. 

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